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Energy Self Assessment Calculator

Energy Conservation Tools

These tools were designed to help farmers and ranchers identify ways to reduce their energy costs. The modules determine if energy conservation equipment is being used and then estimates the current energy usage. The tools will calculate the estimated energy and cost savings for the use of high efficiency equipment and energy conserving practices. The results generated by these tools are estimates based on models and help to determine which equipment or practices are worth pursuing to reduce energy consumption.

An on-site energy audit may be beneficial to uncover other energy conservation measures not covered by these tools. Please contact your local NRCS office for additional assistance.

Renewable Energy Tools

Renewable energy can be used to displace electricity, water heating or space heating with fossil fuels. Using renewable fuel also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves the use of fossil fuels. These tools will help estimate the energy production from solar photovoltaic panels, solar hot water panels, wind turbines, biogas from anaerobic digesters and biomass such as wood, wood pellets, corn and prairie grass pellets. Before investing in renewable energy production, it is usually more cost effective to invest in energy conserving equipment and processes to reduce your energy demands as much as possible. This has the added benefit of reducing the size and investment cost of renewable energy technologies.