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Solar Water Heating Energy Self Assessment

The solar water heating calculator estimates the equipment requirements to meet 50 percent of your hot water energy usage. Reducing your hot water needs before you consider a solar water heating system will reduce the size and cost of the system needed. Installing high efficiency water heaters, insulating hot water pipes whenever possible, repair leaking pipes and taps, and turning down the temperature on hot water heaters will reduce energy needs for heating water.

The most economical way to use solar thermal energy is for preheating water before it enters a water heater rather than 100% replacement. Preheating results in less energy used by the current water heater. The calculator estimates the surface area of solar thermal panels required to preheat the water to replace 50% of your water heating energy use. The calculator evaluates thermal energy use based on user input. This tool does not provide a site-specific renewable energy assessment. If after using this tool, you want to take the next step, contact a certified solar site assessor to do an evaluation of your specific location. Trees, buildings and terrain can affect the amount of solar energy that can be collected.

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