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Livestock Energy Self Assessment

Raising beef, replacement heifers, sheep, or other livestock is not typically very energy intensive but there are several technologies that will help you keep your costs low. The Livestock Energy Self Assessment Tool reviews water fountains, ventilation fans and lighting for energy savings potential.

For example, a heated water fountain can consume several hundred dollars per year in energy costs while the frost-free water fountains can provide livestock water without using any heating. An inefficient exhaust fan, or the wrong type of fan for the job can cost you twice as much in operating costs! High-volume low-speed large-diameter paddle fans can reduce energy costs by up to 65% compared to using high-speed stirring fans. Using supplemental lighting not only increases milk production from dairy cows but also increase the growth rates of replacement heifers. Using high efficiency lighting can reduce the cost of adopting supplemental lighting.

This module will aid you in identifying opportunities to reduce your energy consumption. The Livestock Energy Self Assessment should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete plus time needed to collect any unknown data.