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Wind Energy Self Assessment

The wind energy self assessment was developed to increase renewable energy awareness and utilization. This tool can calculate the energy produced from a particular size turbine, calculate the turbine size based on the amount of desired energy production or calculate the energy production and turbine size based on the amount of money available to invest in a wind power system. Before turning to any kind of renewable energy generation, it’s important to make sure that your home or business is as energy efficient as possible. Investing in energy efficiency has a higher rate of return on investment than energy production and reducing your energy needs will result in needing a smaller renewable energy system to meet you energy demands. The energy self assessment tools that are part of this web site can help you identify potential energy efficiency improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does a wind turbine generate electricity?
  2. What does the wind turbine rating mean?
  3. How much energy will a wind system generate?
  4. Small turbines produce DC power but I have AC appliances, how can I use the power?
  5. What components are needed for a wind power system and what do they do?

Siting a Wind Turbine

  6. What sites are suitable for wind power generation?
  7. How is a wind turbine sized?
  8. How is the electricity generated by a small wind turbine connected to my electrical system?
  9. What are the maintenance and operation requirements of a wind power system?
10. What is wind shear?
11. How can I find a certified wind site assessor?


12. What price will I be paid for electricity generated?
13. Are there Federal energy tax credits, grants and loans available?
14. I am interested in using wind power at my agriculture business. How do I get started?

Debated Issues with Wind Power

15. Will wind turbines kill birds and bats?
16. Will the turbine accumulate ice in winter and then throw the ice off like daggers?
17. How much noise do wind turbines make?
18. Will the turbine cause a disturbing light flicker from the sun?
19. Will my cell phone, television and radio reception be affected by wind turbines?
20. Will stray voltages be generated by the turbines or towers?